New Album: Gundelach – “Baltus”

Photo: Jacob Landvik

Norwegian synth-pop wizard, Kai Gundelach, whom we love very much, brought us a new album; ‘Baltus‘. With the singles he published, the musician who hinted ‘Baltus‘ is more melancholic and more individual albums than the previous one. This album which you can feel melancholy in your bones, consists of nine tracks including ‘Control‘, ‘Games‘ and ‘Hurt‘ which are our favorites so far! If you need to define the album, according to Gundelach, ‘Baltus‘ is the symbol of melancholy and loss. The musician who successfully blends the 80s’ tunes in his own style, in fact most of the tracks on the album were written while struggling with depression before 2010. At one point Gundelach confronted his past and gave Baltus a final form by giving it a more dynamic form.

Gundelach, one of the best representatives of the Oslo electronic-indie scene, chose to make use of analog synths and deep vocals abundantly in the album creation process. He, who is afraid to use the synth while performing, still benefits from the DJ’s past. And that makes the electronic resonances of the music are quite successful. In the meantime, ARY‘s energy, accompanied by ‘Past the Building’ and ‘Games’, influences the album by the direct live vocals. Baltus is produced while travelling between Oslo and London, by John Calvert, Knut Svevik, and Øyvind Mathisen, who worked with Cezinando. With tides between contrasts emotions in this album, dark themes accompanied by dreamy music beautifully. ‘Baltus’ is a great musicianship that we will not be bored for hours on the loop.



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