9 Finnish Bands from Flow Festival 2018 That You Should Check

Photo: Miia Närkki/ Flow Festival
Photo: Miia Närkki/ Flow Festival

Flow Festival 2018 with 84,000 people, has closed the festival season for this summer wonderfully! The festival, which brings us together with huge names in different stages as well as artists waiting to be discovered, is indeed one of Scandinavia’s and maybe Europe’s most “cool” festival. The festival, which you can reach from Helsinki central in 20 minutes by foot but also easily accessible by public transport, is organized in an old power plant. This area was one of the best festival venues, which seems to be a mini-festival town. The most beautiful designed festival area you’ll see.

We have seen amazing bands on the Flow Festival stages through the weekend within some big international names, some amazing bands from neighboring countries as well as really cool Finnish acts. And here some of our suggestions that you sould definality check!

PS: We didn’t add ALMA to the list since we sure you have been listening to her catchy songs and added them to all of your playlists.


The K-X-P, the forerunner of modern psychodelic music in Finland, famous with its “drilling” sounds, is a group that must be added to playlists if you are an experimental enthusiast.

Lake Jons

You will feel the sweet north winds in your headphones with Lake Jons’s music inspired by Finland’s abundant forested landscapes with full of lakes.


Lxandra, which synthesizes classical piano sounds with electronic music in its own style, will release its first album this year! I’m sure Lxandra will be one of the stand out Finnish bands of this year.


With the old Finnish music instruments that I can hardly tell the names, the group that is overly restful. Traditional Nordic music is a bit different at first if you not use to but after a while you can never give up.


Even though they sing in Finnish, with atmospheric melodies, Karina is a trio of folk-pops that you must listen to.


MIO, one of Finland’s young talents, also offers more than music. MIO, we listen to her music with own 3D animations and you can be sure that you’ll really get into her world of creativity.

Paperi T

One of the most beloved rap artists in Finland, Paperi T is known for his lyrics full of references on literature and culture. We sure that you’ll hear his name more often!


Vesta is one of Finland’s most exciting talents. Vesta, who has been overly entertaining on the main stage filled up at Flow Festival 2018, you should definitely check her and add all of the songs to your playlists.


Finland’s Jusoo Ruohonen and Joonas Laaksoharju’s collaborative project View are also noteworthy because they differ in style from Finland’s popular music. Since they combined the mystical and hypnotic melodies with impressive voice of Juuso Ruohonen, it was frequently shared by both Finland and many international music blogs. View who defined their music as “dark” and “introspective”, were also very good at Flow Festival 2018.