A New Single By Set One’s Cap

The song that will you rescue from winter depression has just released. ‘Don’t You Wanna Know?’ is such a lovely song even from the first seconds of the song.

The amazing Set One’s Cap has founded two years ago in Norway. Band members are so amiable that we can easily feel it by listening the songs. This six-membered group combines rock, pop, blues and jazz in very harmonious way. Thus we can easily hear the tunes which we have been waiting for a long time. Last year, to work with musician Henning Svoren, they went to Ålesund where is really famous by art-deco architecture. They have started to record their first single ‘Waiting for the Other’ and ‘Like A Stone’ in a tiny village called Giske in Ålesund. Since september, they were really working hard for their last single ‘Don’t You Wanna Know?’ and we can easily remember lyrics of this lively and beautiful song.

Set One’s Cap is actually one of the most successful bands in Scandinavia even though they have just founded in 2014 and released some songs in 2015. They have already played in best festivals and best concert halls in Scandinavia. We are sure that these guys will make so much better works in the future.