Bellman – Morphology: Can You Feel It?

You know the feeling when you listen to a song from a few years ago that you used to love? Or even longer than that. Could be a decade. Remember the piece that radio played whenever you arrived to university? School? Kindergarten? And now imagine you get this feeling again. That special, filled with warmth and recognition, feeling. But you get it with a brand new record.

This is what Bellman’s Morphology is for me. It is so familiar. It is like a friendly face in the crowd. You know, when someoen forces you to perform and you are really insecure and kind of just want to run and change your name and move to another continent. And then you see a brief smile, maybe a thumbs up? That’s the feeling I get when I let myself get lost in the music of this Larvik-born artist-songwriter’s 2017 album.

You can definitely feel the vibe of 90s in his pieces but it is not as overwhelming as one could think. It is balanced and feels very well thought out. It is a little sluggish, yet gives you a good mood like a dream that you can remember and is the one you want to tell to everyone.

I was sure I could pick a favourite track but despite the style of the songs being very similar, each piece is actually unique. It makes listening of it an experience and for me it is no trouble to sit through it all in one sitting (whereas sometimes I need to take a brief break or have different artists in one playlist to not lose my focus).

I would pick „We Are the Guns“ as the one that I consider musically the most varied. It uses slightly more effects than rest of the tracks but in the end it comes around and gives the finished, polished feeling. And I think it is good in a way that is shows how experienced the author is – he doesn’t use the easy way. And even though it could be risky, people seem to be fans of cliffhangers, it is good to have a closure, and that even with musical pieces.

Vocally I seem to like „Golden Drain“ the best. I find myself humming along to the lyrics even though I don’t know them by heart yet. It is an adorable piece, if you can call a song like this.

And lastly – one cannot get over the title track, „Morphology“. It is a bit more melancholic. A bit dreamier, more thoughtful, calmer. It is a beautiful track, a perfect finish.

Bellman, or Arne-J Rauan, has done an amazing job that reflects his experience, attitude and skill. When someone does what they love and it is enjoyment for others, it can be felt. Can you feel it?

The Morphology album can be found on Spotify and please check out his homepage.