Berlin by Adna

We are really happy to announce our new Q&A series called “City Guides by Artists“. And we are also happy to do our very first guide with talented Adna. Dont forget to check her RY X cover “Berlin” and our 2016 spotlight playlist featuring Adna. Discover Berlin with Adna’s favorite places;
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for eating

There’s this local Vietnamese place, From Hanoi With Love. All of my friends love it, me too, and my flat mate Linn and I go there whenever we don’t feel like cooking.
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for drinking

Twinpigs. I barely go anywhere else for drinking, it’s close to home and a good place for a small talk since there’s always someone you know there.
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for coffee

Café Vux, because it’s all vegan and cosy and they have the best cappuccinos.
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for dancing

About Blank and Berghain.
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for music

I saw Nils Frahm once at Volksbühne and Lykke Li at Admiralspalast, and both were epic because of the great music but also the lovely venues. I like sitting down enjoying the music to really be focused and to see everything that’s happening on the stage.
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for escaping

The forest Grunewald in the west of Berlin. It’s beautiful. I go there when I need to get away for a few hours.
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for record shopping

I mostly go to random second hand record shops, or I’m ordering over the internet, but Spacehall can be a good place if I want to listen to different genres and find more new records.
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for clothes shopping

Weekday is my one and only. Then I have a very talented friend, Julia Kjelsson, who makes really nice stuff.
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for first date

I’m not really a date person, so I would suggest making dinner together at someone’s place. It’s much more relaxed and a better way of getting to know each other, than at a fancy restaurant etc., I’d say.
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for inspiration

Walking/biking around in the city, maybe from Neukölln to Kreuzberg to Friedrichshain, just watching people and having a moment for yourself.
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for walking

The old airport Tempelhof, which is now just a big green spot. In silence or listening to a good podcast, that’s how I often start my day.
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for sleeping

I love my bed, so I’ll always choose my own bed.
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for the best view

At the rooftop of the Neukölln Arcade you find Klunkerkranich. That’s a view for sure. You the basically see the whole city from there.
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your favorite local place

Sorry in advance for the boring answer, but I will have to say the Bio Company Market around the corner, because I love cooking, especially good vegan food. I can be in there for a long time just looking at stuff and getting inspired. For me it’s a way of getting rid of stress and just being creative in a different way.
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