Hildur Work

New: Hildur – “Work”

Icelandic singer-songwriter and producer Hildur shares new single “Work” alongside new EP Intuition. Following up on the single “Woman At War,” Hildur is back…

Revolt Shatterhand

New: Revolt – “Shatterhand”

Don’t judge a book by its cover: despite their arena-ready songs, the members of Norwegian band Revolt are still in their teens! Consisting of…

Great News TV

New: Great News – “TV”

After the release of their debut album Wonderfault, Norwegian band Great News return with anthemic “TV. “ If you were born in the 90s,…

Emma Elisabeth -Cavalry

New: Emma Elisabeth – “Cavalry”

Swedish singer-songwriter Emma Elisabeth unveils her debut album Melancholic Milkshake as well as the beautiful new single “Cavalry.” Swedish-born, Berlin-based singer-songwriter Emma Elisabeth might…

New: JNS – “Igjen”

JNS, one of the leading artists in the Norwegian hip-hop/R&B scene, presents his new single “Igjen” to the audience. At the beginning of the…

MIYNT by Linn Koch-Emmery

New: Miynt – “Peaches”

Swedish singer-songwriter and producer Miynt teases the release of her new EP with psyche delight “Peaches.” This Summer, Stockholm-based singer-songwriter and producer Miynt will release…

Damen Sagrada familia

New: Damen – “Sagrada Família”

Gothenburg’s four-piece Damen shares “Sagrada Família,” an indie rock song that sounds like an invitation to start a family with your loved one. Named…

Be The Bear Mermaid

New: Be The Bear – “Mermaid”

Swedish up and coming pop artist Be The Bear returns with “Mermaid,” a love song dedicated to anyone who struggles with mental illness. Be The…

A Kind Of Man Teddy Love

Introducing: A Kind Of Man

Discover A Kind of Man, the solo project of Danish singer-songwriter Bjørn Rosenquist. It’s always an exciting moment to introduce you to new artists….

Vacation Forever Shadow

New: Vacation Forever – “Shadow”

Swedish artist Vacation Forever collaborates with creative coder Johanna Tano for the video of his new song “Shadow.” Swedish songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, painter and model…