New: Pale Moon – Exile

New: Pale Moon – Exile

Icelandic psychedelic band Pale Moon tease the release of their debut EP, Dust of Days, with lead single “Exile”.

New: Margrete – River View

Water is one of the strongest forces of nature. Based on this, one could say that this Norwegian artist Margrete has self-produced something equally…

New: Vök – In The Dark

Spring calls for fresh new tracks and Icelandic band Vök has for sure come through with it. Their new album, In The Dark, is…

New: SINNAH – Running Wild

New: SINNAH – Running Wild

Sweden is not shy when it comes to young women who actively do both songwriting and performing. Thus we have to give a shout-out…

New: OX – Where Will You Be?

Alternative, futuristic, pop – that is how you can describe quartet named OX the best. Located in Gothenburg, they have brought us a new…

New: MAJRO – Talk

New: MAJRO – Talk

Something mellow for the lonely evenings or something to set the mood for a chill time, turn your ears to Swedish pop star MAJRO.

Discover: Dalileo

Vandbakk‘s alter ego, or his electronic project Dalileo, seems like it will be the new favorite of electronic music lovers. Last year, with his…

Newcomer: KEYRA

2019 is not short of newcomers. Today we have decided to introduce a new strong female in trip-pop category, KEYRA.

Introducing: FUSHIA

Introducing: FUSHIA

There are definitely many artists with relatives also making music, but we are yet to meet identical twin sisters from FUSHIA.

by:Larm Discovery – Askjell (NO)

Askjell Solstrand is Norway’s one of the most desired producers. He is also the producer of famous names like Sigrid, Aurora and Kjartan Lauritzen….

by:Larm Discovery – M.I.L.K.

We can define M.I.L.K. in other words; Denmark’s Kazy Lambist, one of the chillest and the most enjoyable musicians, Emil Wilk or with his…

New: dePresno ft. Liv Dawson – Gold

One of Bergen’s youngest talents dePresno created his musical language under the influence of legendary musicians such as Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan and Bob…

by:Larm Discovery – FAKETHIAS (NO)

Oslo-based musician FAKETHIAS blends industrial textures into sharp and broken electronic tunnels. The musician, who creates a contrast with the repetitive rhythms, accepts the…

New: Jesper Jenset – Red Eyes

21-year-old Norwegian musician Jesper Jenset has reached over 70 million streaming since his first singles. Jesper, who made his breakthrough in the international music…