Discover: Dalileo

Photo: Adrian Almo

Vandbakk‘s alter ego, or his electronic project Dalileo, seems like it will be the new favorite of electronic music lovers. Last year, with his project Vandbakk, Fredrik released his debut single called ‘Solid Ground’ and since then we’ve been following him closely. Now, Fredrik is back with his new electronic project, Dalileo. He just released a track called ‘ADHD Dreams’ which is utterly catchy with ambient and down tempo tunes, heralds Dalileo as well. Fredrik is now sailing to new waters with Dalileo but at the same time he is working on new tunes for Vandbakk. As Dalileo’s reason for emergence is Vandbakk and Dalileo are two projects which are completely different, since the ‘genre’ fact is kind of limiting the musician, in the end Fredrik finds himself creating Dalileo. Now he can make electronic music, maybe “crazy stuff” music. ‘ADHD Dreams’ contains ambient and light disco timbre which is quite pleasant and attractive. It also stays crazier than Vandbakk. However, we are still excited to hear more sounds from his Vandbakk project.

In the meantime, you should definitely listen to Fredrik’s other project Vandbakk, which will soon come back with new tracks and will be the new favorite of indie lovers. For your information, Vandbakk is one of the most promising indie names in Norway, even though he only has released one single yet. Fredrik’s guitar riffs are really admirable.