Discover: Einar Stray Orchestra

Sure thing Scandinavia is such a cold geography. We know this region with its northern lights, red wooden houses, and long-dark winters. But strangely, we come across gleaming and flawless bands who are utterly lively. In this case, we notice Einar Stray Orchestra. This project is founded by Einar Stray, in a small town called Sandvika which is to the west of Oslo.  In time, some members have joined Einar; thence band transformed into an ‘orchestra’.  The great thing about this orchestra is that they produce music all together, with blows, strings, percussion, choir parts, noisy guitars, which makes the musical experience turn into something splendid, pleasing the audience.

Einar Stray Orchestra is influenced by bands such as Goodspeed You! Black Emperor, Sufjan Stevens, and many more. Since the begining of their musical career, they have been playing at festivals such as Iceland Airwaves, by: Larm, Øya. Even now, Einar Stray Orchestra can be considered as an underground phenomenon in Norway, nevertheless they are also well-known in Germany, or other Western European countries.

Tomorrow, the band is releasing their third album “Dear Bigotry” filled with their incredible orchestral-pop. The new album is produced by Marius from famous Norwegian band Team Me. Soon, Einar Stray Orchestra will be on tour. In addition, they have already released two singles to herald the album which must be listened as soon as possible: Penny For Your Thoughts, As Far as I’m Concerned.