First Aid Kit Updates

We have been waiting for First Aid Kit’s new album for a while now. Since their last album release Stay Gold (2014), the duo has been performing at various occasions such as award ceremonies and late night shows and gathering awards as well. Last summer they teased their fans with an Instagram post about recording a new song in Jack White’s Third Man Studios. Patience is a virtue and in the last months, even though we did not get the good news about the album, we got a collaboration with Jesper Lindell in a beautiful, heartbreaking single.

Then, Johanna and Klara released a song for the International Women’s Day titled “You are the problem here”  inspired by the rising rape cases and the indifference of authorities. They say “It’s angry and direct. It’s a song written out of despair” unlike the First Aid Kit songs we are used to.

They were also on a mission to honour Leonard Cohen with two shows on the 14th and the 15th last month where they paid tribute to their idol’s songs. They performed “Chelsea Hotel No.2” on a Swedish morning news show with Jesper Lindell as well.

Until the new album, you can still catch First Aid Kit around Europe, touring!