Happiest Unhappy Man in the World: Inspector Norse

Inspector Norse opens up a tanning salon to look after his father which he has to, after failing to make a life from music in a small town. The inspector, whose real name is Marius Solem Johansen, is a Youtube vlogger dancing and describing how to cook drugs home online.

Marius is actually famous for having recorded himself dancing when he was on drugs that he produced at home, which is totally legal according to Norway’s law. He later becomes an inspiration for Todd Terje, who was quite impressed that Marius creates music and dances to it. Terje creates the song Inspector Norse, paving the way for Marius’s fame. As a matter of fact, Marius deletes his videos on Youtube one by one, primarily the drug recipes. A Norwegian director called Kristoffer Borgli turns Marius’s life into an award-winning documentary, “Whateverest”.

Shortly after the release of this masterpiece, done by three Norwegians, the documentary overtakes Inspector’s own videos in popularity. Not active on Youtube for a long time now, Inspector’s two videos that he hasn’t yet deleted are:

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