Interview: Johannes Kuhnke

Johannes Bah Kuhnke

Everyone must have heard amazing Swedish director Ruben Östlund‘s last film “Force Majeure”. This film is one of the most known Swedish film in recent years. Therefore, we wanted to chat with lead-role actor Johannes Kuhnke a bit about “Force Majeure”, also about his other projects.

-You are also known as a stage actor. How did you decide to get a role in this project?

-Johannes: I think, actually it is Ruben’s mentor Kalle Boman. They tried a lot of people for this role. They have been trying, literally. Kalle is really really big producer in Sweden. He gave me some tips, we met. We have talked for hours. That’s how it worked for me.

-What did you think about Force Majeure when you heard about the story? I mean, how did you feel about your character “Tomas”?

-Johannes: : I mean, when I heard all of the story, it is a great story. Then  I thought how could I stand my character Tomas. People think men have best dance, best voice, best body and men are super humans. Shit, we are getting taught by something not human. Weaker. Of course, since actresses always act the best parts, ideal ones. While people are watching the movie, referring their life. Men are worst. Also, before the film I talked with some couples. They said “MY MAN WOULD NEVER DO THAT”.

-We could say Tomas is simply a coward. Why did he deny everything about escaping and leaving his family alone? What would you do if you were Tomas?

-Johannes: I think, for several reasons. He did not want to ruin his image. Of course he is afraid; but I don’t like Tomas because he does not deal with his problems. I run, I left you. And problems were solved. There is not such a thing! He wouldn’t be weak if they talked about it. What’s more, Ebba takes it up among the people, in front of the people actually. He is a pathetic guy.

-Kristofer Hivju is also one of greatest Scandinavian actors. I think your scenes were utterly splendid, and also dialogues were great. How was working with Kristofer?

-Johannes: Working with Kristofer was so funny! We were depressive until Kristofer comes. Then he came with a lot energy and made us happy! That energy ends up with the film. When they left we were really depressive again. Energy that we had has left.

-End of the movie, Ebba suddenly walks out from the bus. She leaves her children in the bus. Do you think was that intentionally? Like also Tomas left his children as well.

-Johannes: It was intentionally. That’s correct. Director wanted it. We judged Tomas first. Now it was Ebba’s turn. Now we judged her. There is a perception: “Men has raised to be hero.”

-After skiing with Kristofer, you were having rest. But basically everybody wasn’t wearing some thick clothes. That was weird. You know, it’s Alps. What’s more, some electric heater were standing behind of you. Was that scenes taken in a studio?

-Johannes: Haha, that’s correct! We shot that scene in Gothenburg. We had snow machines and it was a hot sunny day!

-Would you like to work with Ruben again? Do you have some upcoming projects with him? 

-Johannes: We are having some discussions about his future projects. I think he is one of the most interesting directors in the world. I would love to work with him again. We don’t have anything yet, anyways.

-It would be perfect to get to know you well. How did you decide to become an actor? When you were young were you interested in acting? Otherwise, did everything happen by chance?

-Johannes: No, it wasn’t. I went to music school, I had some bands haha, so on. Then I was looking my life. If I should try another things. I did some different arts. Drama and music were fun. Maybe I should continue with music or theatre. Then I chose acting. I went to Rome for 2 years.

-We’d gladly want to know your favourite movie! Also it would be nice to hear your favourite Nordic movie. 

-Johannes: My favourite movie is hard to tell and decide. But it must be ‘Blue Velvet’. Most times I see that.  And my favourite Nordic movie is ‘Rams’. It is an Icelandic movie. I was working with juri. It was in Palic Film Festival. Rams got ‘Best Film Award’.

-Thank you very much Johannes, it has been a pleasure to talk with you! 🙂