Introducing: A Kind Of Man

A Kind Of Man Teddy Love

Discover A Kind of Man, the solo project of Danish singer-songwriter Bjørn Rosenquist.

It’s always an exciting moment to introduce you to new artists. Today, we are happy to bring to your ears the indie rock of Copenhagen’s artist Bjørn Rosenquist, aka A Kind Of Man. As you might have guessed it, his moniker sounds also like a statement against gender labels and toxic masculinity. In his own words: “I don’t care about old fashioned gender roles and today’s odd fixation on vanity through social media and other crap. That’s why I wear women’s clothes if I feel like it and declare myself ‘A Kind of Man’.”

A Kind Of Man has also a very singular voice. If you like the high-toned notes of Foster The People and the contagious gimmicks of Peter Bjorn and John, we’re pretty sure you’ll fall in love with his debut single. As fairly written in his press release, “Teddy Love,” which was co-produced by Julian Winding, is a perfect combination of ecstasy and melancholy. A bit like the rollercoaster of life. The defiant rock-tinged verses are here balanced by a cheerful and shiny chorus that will immediately grab your attention.

The track also comes with a Meeto-directed video. About the visuals, the artist explained: “I wanted to make a short movie about dreams and the inner life of human nature. About waking up after a rough morning party and the taste of both euphoria and depression. Every room represents a new universe; a new dream.”