Listen: Biggi Hilmars

Many of us actually know this Icelandic composer whose full name is Biggi Hilmarsson since some of his songs from his album Cinematic Songs were used in many commercials and movies. Future Prospect from the same album is probably one of the most heard but unrecognized songs.

Even though the album Cinematic Songs was not created for a special project, the fact that it has been listed in soundtracks of many films shows how successful Hilmars’s album is. But he’s not only known for this album. He has also composed soundtracks for almost two dozen movies and TV series and also for almost 20 commercials for brands including MercedesIBM, and Nike.

Biggi Hilmars’s latest album Dark Horse is considered one of his best in his career. Almost all of its songs are earworms by themselves. Their melodies and lyrics will speak to your own experiences.

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