Listen: BOSS by Blondage

If one must categorize the Danish duo Blondage, it mostly lands along the lines of Indie Pop or electronic. But catchy pop songs do not always mean empty lyrics as Scandinavian artists usually prove and Blondage does not disappoint. On top of everything, Blondage offers pure, from the source authenticity since they manage nearly everything in the band themselves.

They’ve just released their second single of 2017: BOSS. Catchy melody and the lyrics draw attention to two things that surround us instantly when we log into any social media account: the culture of materialism or simply, the act of showing off.

Some people just listen to the rhythm of a song while some come for the lyrics or both. You can listen to BOSS and dance under the summer sun or write a paper about the consumerism of our age. Either way, it will do you good!