Listen LEIF’s “New Beat”

More or less most of you know how much we love LEIF. After Boys Who Want Love, Neon Ethics and Breakdown&Burnout, LEIF is finally releasing new sounds! The first piece from upcoming album Scandinavian Melancholy (Spoiler alert: We listened the album and all of songs are great!), New Beat has already here and with LEIF’s unique sounds, we released that we missed his sound!

The album, which has same name as LEIF’s art project Scandinavian Melancholy, continues to draw a concise picture of the melancholy that we see in the Nordic art. And New Beat is going be the official anthem of summer nights or as they have in North; white nights. Do not forget to listen to the song and add it to your “crying on dance floor” playlists below.

– Everyone has gone home alone through the city one light summer night and felt that unmistakable sense of longing. We pine for someone, something. It’s that nagging ache amongst all the beauty of life and living. Sometimes we get what we want…but most often we don’t.


LEIF also has an art project with same name his debut album “Scandinavian Melancoly” which has 200 collages that you should check while listening New Beat background on loop!

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