Los Angeles by Sea Change

Norwegian singer Sea Change is in Los Angeles for a while to work on her new music. We have already featured her in our spotlight playlists for 2015 and her album Breakage was one of the favorite albums in 2015! But still, she is on “artists to watch in 2016” lists! We are sure that she will one of the most spoken artist when she release new works! Don’ forget to listen her music while reading about Sea Change‘s favorite places in Los Angeles.

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for eating

L.A is filled with amazing vegan places. Sage in Echo Park is pretty good. Also Umami Burger in Arts District is great. I know its a chain. But still – wow! Also the taco truck Ariza in Sunset and Logan is great. Try the quesadilla with chorizos.

for drinking

I like 1642 on Temple Street. It’s casual and have a nice wine and beer selection. Also El Cid in Silver lake is a weird but nice place to do some people watching.

for coffee

Woodcat Coffee in my neighborhood is one of my favorite places. Great coffee and nice music and you don’t get kicked out if you wanna sit there all day working with your computer. Also there is a wonderful cafe/bookstore further down the road – Stories. They have a great selection of interesting books, from fiction novels or poems to philosophy and politics. Also they have an outdoor patio where you can bury yourself in the book you just bought while drinking your red eye coffee and snack some vegan cookies.140924-woodcat-coffee-exterior.0

for dancing

I’ve only been out dancing once, but I have no recollections of the name of the place, but it was great! It was at this old factory building somewhere in the Arts District.

for music

I think the Lyric Theater in Hollywood is one of my favorite places, Pretty small and cosy, great music. Also the Bootleg Theater and The Echo is good.

for escaping

Maybe going up to Mulholland Drive and take in the view. Or drive a couple of hours up north to visit Vineland and taste some wines at different vineyards.85035580

for record shopping

There is a great vintage record shop in Atwater Village called Jacknife. They have old vinyls and also CD’s and cassettes. Love it! Also Origami Vinyl is a wonderful Echo Park gem.

for clothes shopping

My favorite vintage store is in Los Feliz, called Squaresville. Also there is an American Apparel outlet- flea market store in Fashion District.

for inspiration

Driving around in the city listening to music. Also there is hundreds of cinemas to visit in this city!

for sleeping

Ha! I would normally say my bed, but one time we slept over at some friends that lives in Santa Monica/Venice. Just the feeling of waking up, go out of the house in the morning, and walk two blocks down to the beach. Amazing.Freunde_von_Freunden_Venice_Beach_Claire_Cottrell_IMG_2557

your favorite local place

Echo Park Lake. All kinds of people hangs out in the park by the lake, and they have like a collection of some very special birds that wander around you while you sit there chilling. But also the Arts District in downtown LA is wonderful. And is one of the few places in this city where there is outdoor serving everywhere.