Mosjøen by Evelyn Mali

We asked Norwegian singer Evelyn Mali‘s favorite places in her hometown and got really nice tips to visit there.  She was born and raised in the small village of Mosjøen, Norway. Surrounded by mountains and the beautiful Helgeland Coast and fjords as inspiration.

You can listen her song “Ishav” while reading city guide of beautiful Mosjøen. Also don’t forget to follow Evelyn Mali on Facebook and Instagram to get more information about her and hear about her new releases!

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for eating

If you want big portions and lots and lots to choose from, I would recommend a restaurant called Milano. There you will find everything from stakes, to pizza and kebabs, and both traditional Turkish and Norwegian cuisine. I would say that this is the most popular restaurant in Mosjøen, and it is always full of happy people enjoying good food. Long distance truck drivers on their way up north even drive detours just to get to eat food from Milano. It is that good!
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for drinking, dancing and sleep

We have a very nice hotel in town that is called Fru Haugans Hotel. Which I strongly recommend for drinking, dancing and sleeping. With history as far back as the 16th century, the old parts of the hotel have a really grand feel to it. And works as a great contrast to the newer part of the building.

In Fru Haugans you will find two bars. One of which is called Fruen Bar and is located in the old part of the hotel. In this bar there is a really cool brown pub-ish atmosphere like you would find in bars in England,  and there is good live music almost every weekend. I have played there a couple of times myself, and I absolutely love it!

The other bar is located in the new part of the hotel. This one is called Hjørnet Bar, and if you want to dance the night away to live Dj-sets and club music this is the right place. It is very modern and classy, and on top of that they serve really good drinks! Absolutely worth checking out.

Now, when you are tired after either dancing all night in Hjørnet Bar, or singing along with the band in Fruen Bar, and it is time to say good night, you don’t need to go far at all! Fru Haugans has all you need: comfy beds and nice, cozy rooms. And the most delicious breakfast in the world. Nothing cures a hangover better than enjoying you first meal of the day in the beautiful gardens of Fru Haugans. The hotel is located right by the river Vefsna that flows through Mosjøen, with the mountain Øyfjellet right across. This makes for a gorgeous scenery.

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for coffee

My favorite cafè in Mosjøen has to be Sneppen. I love, love, love everything sweet and especially sweet chocolate coffee. The only bad part about it is that they have too many good coffees to choose from! You can also buy all sorts of cakes, milkshakes and pastries, and they also serve warm meals and lunches.

It is located right in the town square, and I really like drinking my coffee in Sneppens outside area where you can enjoy watching the majestic Øyfjellet.
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for music

When bigger artists happen to stop by our town, they play their concerts at Mosjøen Kulturhus. It a gathering place for theater, music and art. This venue also functions as our local cinema.
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for escaping

I love the ocean, so when I want to clear my head or maybe write some lyrics, the open sea breeze helps me do that. You only need to drive ten minutes out of town and you are guaranteed to find a nice, warm, big rock from where you can dip your toes in the ocean.
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for record shopping

We used to have a really cool record shop called Kulturbadet, but it sadly went out of business years ago. So if anyone reading this is feeling adventurous and curious about Mosjøen, I would be really happy to get a new record shop in town!
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for clothes shopping

Even though Mosjøen is a small place with only 10.000 inhabitants in and around town, we still have two shopping malls called Sjøsiden! They are right beside each other so if you can’t find what your looking for in the first one you can simply walk five meters to the other one. Combined there are eight clothing stores in these two malls. So you have lots to choose from to get dressed to impress!
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for inspiration

Nature is definitely what inspires me the most. We are lucky enough in Mosjøen that despite where you live in town, you almost always only need to walk out the front door of your house and you will find beautiful nature. We have countless trekking paths in and around town. And you can find any type of landscape you desire, from deep forests to bare mountains and the open ocean and fjords.

In the winter there are also great skiing and snowboard opportunities right outside the town.
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for  walking

If you want a nice Sunday stroll I would take you to Sjøgato. This little street in the middle of town is Mosjøens pride and joy.  It is the largest concentration of listed wooden buildings and piers in northern Norway, and is the top tourist attraction in Mosjøen. The houses date back to the 17th century and their foundation is built both on the sandbank of the river Vefsna and IN Vefsna. And with Øyfjellet as the nearest neighbour. These small and colorful houses are both privately owned and home for small local shops and cafés.

In the summer there is an art festival called Galleria, where the whole street is transformed to an art gallery, and with musicians on every corner playing music in the sun. And to top it of at the end of the festival, Sjøgato is shut down for one night, and the residents are sent to sleep at Fru Haugans so they won’t be disturbed when the street again transforms from art gallery to party street. This party is called Byfesten, which roughly translates to «town party», and is what the people of Mosjøen look most forward to in the year. It is a tradition that people who are from Mosjøen but who no longer lives here, come home for this festival to celebrate the beauty of our town.
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best view

The absolute best view you will get from the very top of Øyfjellet. From there you can overlook the whole town and the surrounding districts. There are a few trails that will take you to the top, but be sure to pack lots of water and food because the trek is very steep and the terrain is difficult. But it is definitely worth the workout!
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favorite local place

My favorite place has to be the gardens of Fru Haugans Hotel. It is so peaceful and relaxing sitting in the warm grass listening to Vefsna trickling by. And I also love to sit there with good friends eating amazing food and drinking beer in the sun.

Terje Rakke/Nordic Life/Helgeland Reiseliv