New LP from Swedish Artist Adna

We can’t get enough Adna‘s amazing voice and she just released a new LP; Closure. It is really impossible to tell how we love Adna. Whenever I heard her songs, I get goose bumps. This might sound a little bit assertive but she is one of the most talented musicians in the world. She makes us feel emotions more vivid with her melodies and lyrics. We have been sharing her songs a lot but you might be missed it so please go YouTube or Spotify, whatever you use for music streaming and search Adna. We added her latest LP below, to make things easier for you;

Lets talk about the LP. She released 3 amazing singles from LP before so we were sure about upcoming LP will be beautiful. Then, she released LP with 6 more amazing songs. Closure contains Adna’s darkest ever songs. Darker, more intense but warmer. You try to feel as Adna to understand stories behind the lyrics. Songs reflect melancholy but you don’t feel down, you just feel stronger against melancholy. It is a really weird and unusual feeling.

We really loved all the songs. Closure is one the albums/ LPs that you can enjoy every single song. We hope that you like the LP too and add to your playlists to spread Adna’s beautiful voice across the world. If you have a playlist to daydream like we do, just add all songs from the LP :). And if you don’t, just follow our playlist named “dreamwell” below with full of Adna songs and others that make to daydream easier.


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If you want to read more about Adna, we have lots of them. She moved to Berlin a couple years ago to work on her music. So we wanted to make a Berlin guide with her and asked her favorite places in the city. The interview is a little bit old but still has really good places to visit. Don’t forget to listen Adna, while walking around places she suggested to visit.

Adna'nın Berlin Rehberi

Lets add more songs from Adna. Don’t forget to write us back about your favorite Adna songs. Dream well!