New: Adam 888 – “Back Inzide”

ADAM 888 Back Inzide

Swedish artist Adam 888 celebrates the beauty and mystery of life with ethereal trap cut “Back Inzide”.

After having supported Norwegian R&B artist Unge Ferrari on his tour, Adam 888 is now back in Stockholm and ready to release a series of three singles throughout May. The first one, “Back Inzide,” is already available.

A slow trap cut laced with ethereal, almost mystical electronic layers, “Back Inzide” perfectly encapsulates the “shamanistic soul” sound of the artist [If you’re familiar with his music, you may know he already released tracks named “CHAKRA 123” and “Vibrationz”]. About the inspiration of this floating new track, he explained:

“Back Inzide” is a song about life’s mystery and beauty. To be able to experience the beauty we need to go back inside. A lot of times I tend to get stuck in my thoughts so I made this song to remind myself the importance of going back inside my body, connecting to my soul. The track is produced by Oslo based Clairmont, I was playing a few chords on the guitar and Clair felt the vibe and made this fire beat. We made the track in one session, an effortless creation, we were definitely back inside”