New: Be The Bear – “Mermaid”

Be The Bear Mermaid

Swedish up and coming pop artist Be The Bear returns with “Mermaid,” a love song dedicated to anyone who struggles with mental illness.

Be The Bear is the brainchild of Christina Wehage, a singer-songwriter and producer from Gothenburg who also owns her own label Loud Attic Records. It’s on this imprint that the up and coming artist has recently released her new single “Mermaid.” Unveiled during Mental Health Awareness month, the single is what we call a love song or a slice of solace directed to those who struggle with mental illness. Like a rallying cry, there’s a unifying force in this electro-pop track that is particularly palpable in the powerful, epic chorus.

About the origins of “Mermaid,” she commented:

“[It comes from] the imagery from H.C. Andersen’s Danish folktale, the original Little Mermaid. Did you know, in the original story she sacrificed herself for love, and ended up becoming a whisper on the wind? Mermaids don’t have eternal souls, but she finds out how she can acquire one, and spends 300 years doing good deeds with other ‘Daughters of the Air.’”