New: Coral – “find me wrong”


Swedish singer-songwriter Coral joins the Feverish club with introspective debut track “find me wrong”.

In case you did not know it, Michel Gustafsson from wy recently launched his own label Feverish. His music and life partner, Ebba Gustafsson Ågren, is also highly involved in this new adventure. The pair have now signed a brand new artist, Coral, whose intimate and vulnerable songwriting totally caught our ears, and our hearts.

With roots from Argentina and Stockholm, Miranda Coral Engholm grew up in Österlen, a beautiful town surrounded by stunning natural landscapes. This simple beauty can be felt in her debut track “find me wrong”, which only relies on her voice and an acoustic guitar. The poignant ballad sounds like a diary as the artist shares a series of memories about a relationship. In her own words:

“I guess I write about how my brain works when you long for someone. There is no picture of a big bleeding heart in there, just the memory of small things. That time we stood in the grass, all wet after a water war and kissed. When I painted my nail when you went away and thought that if the red paint was still there when you came home, maybe that meant you would love me. The memories that makes it simple. I guess I try to make it more human. But honestly, I just wrote some quick shit in desperation and it went ok, maybe that’s really what makes it human.”

The track also comes with a beautiful video, directed by… Ebba G. Ågren.