New: Cuntrie – “The Singer”

Ebba from Wy goes solo with new outlet Cuntrie. Listen to her striking debut track “The Singer”.

Ok, you will think we are totally obsessed with wy and their own label Feverish (as we just posted about their new signee Coral). And actually, you’ve got a point there. But what can we do? This freshly founded collective really makes sense to us, and we love almost everything they released so far.

Known for her striking vocals in Swedish anxiety pop duo wy as well as her photo and video work, Ebba Gustafsson Ågren adds another string to the bow by launching her own project Cuntrie (love the name by the way).  “I’ve wanted to challenge myself in terms of producing and writing for a while now and this is the result of that,” she explains about going solo.

Just like with wy, her debut track sounds particularly intimate as it deals with her relationship with her brother. She details:

“It’s a story about me and my older brother. We didn’t like each other growing up but we love each other now. He used to sing and whistle in his room all the time when we lived at home and I could hear him through the wall. Another thing that always comes to mind when I think of my brother is riding in his car with him, so that’s how I came up with the idea for the video. I also liked the theme of shooting myself through mirrors since I’m a photographer too. I guess I wanted this whole project to be like a parody of myself.”

Even if the song is very personal, everyone can relate to it, at least if you have siblings. Dealing with rejection, fascination, and death, the song sounds like a powerful and heartfelt declaration of love. Watch the accompanying video below.