New: Damen – “Sagrada Família”

Damen Sagrada familia

Gothenburg’s four-piece Damen shares “Sagrada Família,” an indie rock song that sounds like an invitation to start a family with your loved one.

Named after a dock located in the Gothenburg harbor, Damen is a four-piece formed in 2015 and consisting of Danial Bin Ismail, Gustav Bondesson, David Nordell and Adrian Gejrot. Drawing inspiration from the indie rock and shoegaze scenes, the quartet have just released an absorbing and compelling new single, “Sagrada Família,” which sounds like a beautiful declaration of love.

About the track, they explained:

“Sagrada Família is about coming to grips with the idea of starting a family. All the doubts but also the desire. An honest song to your loved one.”