New: Elias Boussnina – “Closer”

Elias Boussina Closer

Formerly known as Yung Coke, Danish R&B artist Elias Boussnina shares luminous and summery new track, “Closer.”

A few years ago, Elias Boussnina was already releasing music on Soundcloud under the moniker Yung Coke, way before the Atlanta-vibe hit the Nordics. Taking some distance from the rap and hip-hop scenes, the artist of Danish-Tunisian descent is now crafting R&B songs with infectious pop hooks. Following up on his debut EP ‘Shameboy’ released back in February, here’s his laidback and soulful new single “Closer.” About the track, he stated:

“After releasing my debut EP ‘Shameboy’ I wanted to make a more positive track and step away from the melancholy. I’ve been listening to a lot of inspirational guitar-based music like Fleetwood Mac and wanted to incorporate more organic elements into my music. I made ‘Closer’ in Sweden together with Canto. It’s a very personal track that is close to my heart, inspired by the incredible women in my life; my mom, sister and girlfriend. Their warmth and strength made the track feel like summer.”