NEW: Elina Eriksson – “Discover Her”

Elina Eriksson Discover Her

Elina Eriksson unveils moving and intimate debut track “Discover Her”.

After having lived in London for 5 years, singer-songwriter-producer Elina Eriksson decided to go back to her hometown, Stockholm, to focus on her musical career. Drawing inspiration from her own experiences, the artist claims total creative freedom as she produces herself her own tracks. Her debut single, “Discover Her”, is very personal and intimate as it deals with a difficult relationship with a girl she met in London. About the track, she said:

I usually end up writing songs about things that has happened in the past and I feel like my songwriting style has developed into some kind of nostalgia pop vibe. It’s very easy to get stuck on a specific sound or start adding too much when producing music. When I produced this track I really wanted to emphasize the vocal melodies, work with less elements, keep it clean and simple but still very groovy. Even though the lyrics are not very positive I wanted it to have a feel-good and uplifting feeling to it. I want people to dance to this song, feel strong and good about themselves like ”I can get through anything”, even though life’s not always great.

Before adding:

The story behind the song is inspired by this weird relationship I had with a girl back in London years ago. Parts of it kind of describes this one night when she didn’t come home cause she was seeing someone else behind my back (classic cheating story..). And ever since I’ve always wondered how it can be so easy for some people to just lie and hurt other people and not even feel a little bit bad about it. Some people might just not have any bad conscience within their bodies.

The feeling of intimacy can also be felt in the minimalistic, airy electro-pop instrumentation which only coasts on piano and sparse electronic beats. Dealing with unfaithfulness and reflecting on this past love affair, the vulnerable song is a beautiful and moving introduction from a very promising up and coming artist. Listen below.