New: Ellen Krauss – “Let Me Have It”

Ellen Krauss Let Me Have It

Swedish pop artist Ellen Krauss teases her debut EP “First Take” with empowering single “Let Me Have It”.

Rising to fame thanks to her debut single and LGBTQ acceptance anthem “The One I Love”, Ellen Krauss already received praise from the biggest music icons, from Carly Rae Jepsen to Max Martin, and was awarded Rookie Artist of the Year at the Denniz Pop Awards in Sweden. Now ready to release her debut EP, she has unveiled another track off of the project. A power ballad about standing up to your oppressors and your inner demons, “Let Me Have It” is what we call a pop earworm. About the track, she detailed:

“This track came to life when I was playing around on my new electric guitar. I remember I fell in love with the sharp sound of it and at the time I was in that ”Let Me Have It”-state of mind, where you’re just like, okay give it to me… Whether it’s about jealousy, talking shit or false accusations. Things that are just unfair.”