New: Gundelach feat ARY – Past the Building

After working with ARY on Games, here is another great duet! Gundelach released the last single and its video “Past the Building” before his upcoming album Baltus. The video clip directed by Eivind Landsvik offers both fascinating soundscapes and fascinating landscapes from Denmark. Gundelach succeeded in aesthetically satisfying the audience with the music videos, single covers, music and lyrics that he has released so far. After his EP released last year, he is now collecting all his power for his first feature-length album.

Gundelach’s voice reflexive and thoughtful voice, fantastic guitars and synths mix together, it creates versatile and ambrosial sound that helps us dream more! Be prepared to go out to the melancholic inner world of Gundelach while listening to ‘Past the Building’.

Gundelach’s first album ‘Baltus’ will be available on all platforms on March 16th, stay tuned for more!

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