New: Hanne Mjøen & Jimi Somewhere – Fall Down

As you noticed, yes we are following new & rising Scandinavia pop/ rap scene very closely. And Hanne Mjøen & Jimi Somewhere are the two of most talented names of the scene that we follow since Jimi’s by:Larm debut last year and Hanne Mjøen’s “hit” single Future. This time, Jimi Somewhere and Hanne Mjøen unites forces for Fall Down.

In fact, you might know Hanne Mjøen’s songs, who has numerous playlist features in Spotify, and of course her last single “Vanilla”, which we shared and listened it a lot. With her unique voice tone and her moving melodies. If we had to describe Vanilla in a word, it would be very appropriate to say “attractive”. For Fall Down, which is composed in the cold winter months, we can say “refreshing” considering the warm summer weather.

Here you can listen Fall Down. Don’t forget to add it to all of your playlists and follow Hanne on Instagram!

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