New: Hildur – “Work”

Hildur Work

Icelandic singer-songwriter and producer Hildur shares new single “Work” alongside new EP Intuition.

Following up on the single “Woman At War,” Hildur is back with a new electro-pop single which confirms that a relationship is a bit of love and a lot of work. In this era of Tinder, it’s so easy to swipe right but people tend to forget that you need to invest yourself if you want the magic to happen and live on. Bright and smartly heady, “Work” is another highlight from her new EP Intuition; a project that she describes as pop with a message.

About the new single, she detailed:

Work is a fun and quirky song about new love and strong feelings – and then putting in some work to make it last. This is the last single of the EP, Intuition, which has dealt with the themes of following your intuition and believing in your gut feeling. I believe that love relies heavily on that gut feeling and when you meet someone you really click with you are willing to do everything and anything to make the relationship “work”. So let’s get to work!”