New: I SEE RIVERS – “Collide”

Norwegian trio I SEE RIVERS captures the audience by their distinguishing sounds and incredible harmony. After the release of two EP, the band is heralding a new EP which will be released in spring 2020 with the support of PRS for Music Foundation and BBC Launchpad. Now, the Norwegian trio is releasing their newest single ‘Collide’.

I SEE RIVERS is composed by Eline, Gøril and Lill and has three layered musical universe, it is easy to find different instruments which proves versatility of the band. Girls have been developing the sound of the band over the years, but still we can say the sound is inspired by folk and Nordic tunes. Fleet Foxes, Sufjan Stevens and First Aid Kit are like the band’s main inspirations, however the newest EP will have electronic side as well. That’s the reason why the new EP will be quite interesting and exciting to listen to see in which way I SEE RIVERS has changed or is changing.

“The themes of ‘Collide’ are of conflict and reconciliation, turbulence and transparency. In contrast to the familiar voices and relatable lyrics, the production of the song is both more contemporary and more adventurous than our previous releases, focusing more on creating space using a combination of gritty, acoustic sounds and sweeping, synthesised elements.”