New: Inka Upendo – “Waterworld”

Inka Upendo Waterworld

Helsinki-born, Falmouth-based artist Inka Upendo turns her first heartbreak ever into a captivating electro-pop track, “Waterworld”.

Helsinki’s electro and experimental pop singer-songwriter and producer Inka Upendo has just released her debut EP, Samsara, which deals with themes such as inadequacy, the absurdity of love and the ubiquity of capitalism. “Waterworld”, one of the highlights of the project, combines uncanny sound design and lyrical inspiration from a natural disaster. This aqueous and intricate single also marks her attempt to open up about her first heartbreak ever.

About the origins of the track, she detailed:

“My family and I happened to be in the Maldives on a diving trip when the Tsunami hit Indonesia in 2004. We were sailing on the open sea and luckily the big wave just passed underneath us, despite the massive damage it caused elsewhere.”

“One day, years after, I was at college practising singing when I got a phone call from a boy I was seeing at the time, and who I was totally infatuated with. He told me that he had found someone else, so we could only be friends from now on. It was so surprising and painful – just like the Tsunami had been years before. “

She then added:

“Even though I could kind of see it coming, I wasn’t prepared for it.Waterworld is my wet take on a love song. It contains loads of samples of water and ice breaking with a quirky, fickle beat, speaking not only about the swell and unpredictability of a Tsunami, but also of impending heartbreak. “