New: Konradsen – “Television Land”

Konradsen consists of the harmony between synthes and plants in the bedroom of Eirik and Jenny in Oslo. From time to time Ivar, Erlend, Øyvind and Big Bruce join them and the band expands. The fact that Konradsen took the form of a group took place very recently. When we met Jenny three years ago by chance, she moved from Northern Norway to Oslo just to make music, until then her only stage experience was the festivities at the high school. Since the things went well in Oslo, Jenny’s solo project became a band. Konradsen is now one of Norway’s most exciting and rising figures. Inspired by Sufjan Stevens, Justin Vernon, Nina Simone and Chassol, Konradsen has not given many concerts in Norway yet, but already has a huge audience in countries like the United States and the UK where the music industry is highly developed.

So far, Konradsen has released only three singles and now sharing their last single called “Television Land” from their debut album “Saints and Sebastian stories” which will be released on October 25, consists thirteen tracks. Specializing in mellow, vulnerable and piano sound Konradsen really amazes the audience with their incredible harmony. Sometimes we can even hear Jenny’s or Eirik’s friend who are singing, or some choir parts. They are full of surprises. You must utterly get Konradsen on your radar.