New: M.I.L.K – “Summer Freckles”

MILK Summer Freckles

Copenhagen’s artist M.I.L.K makes our summer a little bit longer with funky and playful track “Summer Freckles”.

Copenhagen singer-songwriter and producer Emil Wilk, better known as M.I.L.K,  has returned after the success of his Benny Sings-assisted single “Prisoner”. And as winter is soon approaching, the funky and warm vibes of “Summer Freckles” are more than welcome. About his self-produced new track, he explained:

The song is a smile on the days of summer. It’s the first sip of a dry martini. It’s memories you don’t want to forget. It’s an urge to jump into your car with someone special. It’s the nostalgia you feel when you realize that the joy of this very moment is gonna fade away. It’s a song about a radiant summer day spent with a summer freckled girl. It’s inspired equally by Lou Reed’s “perfect day” and the undeniable grooves of Chic.’

We don’t know yet if the track will be featured on his debut album, due out in 2020, but one thing is certain: the Scandinavian artist will be on everyone’s lips next year!