NEW: Majro – “Heartbreak/Britney”

MAJRO Heartbreak Britney

Stockholm-based singer-songwriter and producer Majro is back with a new electro-pop bop, “Heartbreak/Britney,” reserved to those nostalgic for the early 2000s.

A multi-talented artist who grew up in the southern part of Sweden, Myra Granberg, better known as MAJRO, has unveiled the second single and title track of her upcoming debut EP . “Heartbreak/Britney” is a colourful and playful bop tinged with nostalgia. In her own words:

‘Heartbreak/Britney is about the time from Junior High that I remember the most. How I sometimes had to go home from school with a stomach ace from my too tight jeans. How I used to put paper tissues in my bra ’cause I was late into puberty. Refused to take school photos cause I had acne and greasy hair. How everything I wanted was to be inlove and popular and just, you know, anyone else but myself. When I smoked behind the schools gym-building and how I used to steal alcohol from my moms pantry. How I always said ‘one day, I’ll be someone, and that day I’m leaving this shit-hole town’. I was heartbreak and Brtiney Spears, empty smalltown streets and anxity. Today I find myself writing songs about that stuff. Kinda cool’.

Created in collaboration with producer Joakim Buddee , MAJRO’s Heartbreak/Britney EP will be available in May 2019 and also features the previously released single “Talk“.