New: Miynt – “Peaches”

MIYNT by Linn Koch-Emmery

Swedish singer-songwriter and producer Miynt teases the release of her new EP with psyche delight “Peaches.”

This Summer, Stockholm-based singer-songwriter and producer Miynt will release her sophomore EP, three years after her debut EP N°1. Following up on self-produced “Vacation with Bond in south of France part 2,” a song written to soundtrack a James Bond movie that was never made, here’s her new single “Peaches”

Blending elements of lo-fi, bedroom rock and psychedelic influences, the track sounds like Summer with a woozy, kaleidoscopic filter. Opening with a tight rhythmic section, the song quickly slides into a dreamy and hazy tableau where the artist raises so many unanswered questions. In her own words:

“The initial idea was to make a song that basically was just drum-fills throughout the whole song but then the guitar sneaked itself into the song. It went really fast, we probably made it in half a day and then put some synth-stuff on it a couple of days later. I was in kind of a confused state of mind when I wrote the lyrics, I wanted an answer from someone and the lyrics describes that, but in a more spaced out way.”

“Peaches” also comes with a self-edited video definitely in line with the DIY vibes of the track. Watch below.

Photo by Linn Koch-Emmery.