New: Pikekyss – “Hundre Tanker i Hodet”

On May 17th, Pikekyss celebrated the Norwegian Constitution Day with their newest single ‘Sykler uten hender’. Then, in August they released a track called ‘Under Vann’, which breaks summer lovers’s heart, a splendid fall track. Today, Pikekyss has released their first EP ‘Hundre Tanker i Hodet’ which they have been working on it almost more than a year.

Pikekyss, with its five-piece EP, depicts the society with serious lyrics with cute and soft tunes, while still doing some serious work along a certain line, yet still having fun. The group reflects its young and positive spirit in doing all this. EP’s main focus track is of course same title track ‘Hundre Tanker i Hodet’. Helén, the bass guitarist is now singing for the focus track with her delicate, deep voice and shows us that we are vulnerable. The first track of the EP ‘Klubben’ sounds as an intro of the EP. The third track ‘Berlin’ is a very enjoyable track as Berlin, the city, is.

When the audience listens ‘Hundre Tanker i Hodet’, the EP as a whole makes us think about the seasons of the year. ‘Klubenn’ reminds summer; ‘Hundre Tanker i Hodet’ reminds winter; ‘Berlin’ and ‘Sykler Uten Hender’ reminds spring and lastly ‘Under Vann’ reminds fall. It is really splendid to see how the EP is flourishing the track by track.