New: Ponette – Meltdown

Oslo is burning because of Ponette‘s pretentious grunge style, and we are delighted to meet with them. Ponette is heralding their newest single “Meltdown” to the audience. The band blends catchy and electro timbres with the pop style vocals and in the end obtains a very attractive piece. We have been following Ponette closely since their single called “Hours” which is released in 2018, slowly and surely they are getting attraction from music lovers as well.

Meanwhile Ponette also collaborated with one of the coolest producers and musicians from Norway who is Carl Louis for “Hours”, but also their track “Freak” was used in Norwegian movie Psychobitch (2019) and got attention as well. Working on new music for a while, Ponette is now swimming in dark and deep waters with the newest single “Meltdown”. Heavy synths are quite at the forefront in the structure of the single and create utterly a dark atmosphere, which is especially emphasized in sounds and images in the music video. The music video is made by Fabian FjeldvikBen Olsen Johnsgård and Ponette, by the way we loved the 8-bit graphic elements in which are used in the music video.