New: rauður – “Himinbjörg”

Icelandic musician Auður Viðarsdóttir’s alter ego rauður is heralding her newest single that she inspired by black sand beaches “Himinbjörg”. The musician has always had sincere relation with synths and slightly she developed her sounds, moreover she added electronic and acoustic timbres in her music production. Since rauður is inspired by the beautiful nature of Iceland, she is offering magical soundscapes by her Icelandic lyrics. She makes the audience feels like she tells about an Icelandic saga in her lyrics, this goes for the ones who don’t speak Icelandic obviously. rauður talks about four types of disasters in the lyrics which are accompanied by a music video directed by photographer Þórdís Reynisdóttir. Himinbjörg is her fourth single which heralds her debut album ‘Semilunar’.

“I like very sad and dramatic choir music. But I have never sung in a choir, even though it has always been a dream. So one Monday afternoon, when my family was getting ready for dinner, I made this dramatic choir song. And it felt like all the pieces of my life suddenly came together into a whole. Just for a moment.”