New: Rikke Normann – “Birds”

Rikke Normann Birds

Oslo’s singer-songwriter Rikke Normann shares quirky, inventive and soulful acoustic track “Birds”.

Because “sometimes it’s easier to talk about things through songs,” Oslo’s singer-songwriter Rikke Normann has shared “Birds,” a track about appreciating the small things in life after a difficult period. An elegant acoustic track mainly boasting on Normann’s soulful croon, “Birds” sounds both simple and inventive. It’s not always easy to move on from a difficult relationship: you need to refocus on yourself and this is what Normann is doing here, through an instrumentation devoid of any artifice. Like you would learn to enjoy your own company, the artist is playing with her voice, with the beat, and with the words (Yes, I’m missing you… the music) and achieves to stand out and to sound particularly original while staying genuinely authentic. Honestly, this is not the kind of tracks that we usually post, but this is assuredly this kind of surprises that we enjoy the most.