New: San Fran – “The Look You Gave Me”

San Fran The Look You

Swedish up and coming duo San Fran want to “document a moment” with their contagious debut single “The Look You Gave Me”.

Anonymous for now but not for long, Swedish duo San Fran debut with “The Look You Gave Me,” a breezy and light-hearted single in the vein of Peter Björn and John’s massive hit “Young Folks”. Just on time for the Summer, this new electro-pop song is an instant ear worm (try to resist the “dudu dudu”) which comes with an original lyric video in the shape of an end credit. Watch and read the statement of the band below.

“San Fran is a mysterious constellation of comfortably awkward explorers, down on one knee proposing to the pop scene, in hope that their naive eyes and playful melodies will steal the heart and the feet of at least some of you. San Fran is short for Sans France which literally translates to “without France”, an homage to the fact that the band has little to no connection to that country. The debut single ”The Look You Gave Me” is a documentation of a moment. Roberto Benigni once said ”If looks could kill, I am dead now” this is a song about the opposite ”If looks could give birth, I’m alive now”…”