New: Schultz & Forever – “Everybody hates Him”

Schultz & Forever Everybody Hates Him

Copenhagen-based Schultz & Forever teases new album DECLARATION OF LOVE with new emotional, bittersweet single “Everybody hates Him”.

Copenhagen-based artist Jonathan Schultz, aka Schultz & Forever, will release his brand new album in March 2020. Produced by Mads Murholm, the follow up to his debut record Grand Guignol will showcase a new direction for the artist as showcased on the new single “Everybody hates Him”.

Encapsulating the bittersweet reminiscence on a complex friendship, the track deals with the emotional turmoil of a friend being cut off from a group. While the topic is quite cruel and tough, the instrumentation of the track sounds pretty smooth as it features bright guitars and warm, tropical-like drums. Listen below.