New: SINNAH – Running Wild

Swedish songwriter and musician Sinnah

Sweden is not shy when it comes to young women who actively do both songwriting and performing. Thus we have to give a shout-out to Sinnah, definitely already acknowledged dreamy pop singer.

Hew powerful, yet gentle voice is comparable to the one of Taylor Swift’s and she has also this really positive and radiant glow around her that is also the impression you get while listening to her newest single “Running Wild”. It has a message, it is not just some beautifully sounding words put together.

Sinnah has everything that a popular female artist needs – gentle voice, strong message, fantastic melody and amazing ideas.

Listen to “Running Wild” on Spotify here and make sure you read more about her – you will not regret it.

Here is her official page with Rexius Records as well as Instagram.