New: Subshine – “Unravel”


Norway’s artist Sunshine turns Björk’s “Unravel” into a galactic, synth-pop tune.

Known to be the former singer and songwriter of Lorraine, Ole Gunnar Gundersen, aka Sunshine, is a neo-synthpop artist hailing from Norway. The artist has recently covered “Unravel”, an iconic track from the Icelandic genius Björk (from her essential album Homogenic). The least we can say is that it doesn’t sound like the original, which was pretty contemplative and languid. Here, “Unravel” becomes a galactic synth-pop tune which will assuredly please all the fans of the Pet Shop Boys. “Unravel” is the second track from his double A-side single “Stones + Unravel”. Listen both tracks below.