New: Sunx – “Like a Drive in the Night, Pt 2”

Sunx Like A Drive In The Night

After a difficult breakup, Sunx shares his sophomore single “Like a Drive in the Night, Pt 2,” a heartbreaking song about letting go.

Sunx is the moniker of Morten Winther Nielsen, a Danish singer-songwriter also knows for being part of Treefight for Sunlight. Following up on “Dude,” the artist has recently shared his second single, “Like a Drive in the Night, Pt 2,” which was born after a painful breakup with his teenage girlfriend, after 10 years of love. A nocturnal ballad mainly consisting of introspective, echoed vocals and a piano, the adventurous single describes his process post-breakup and the chain of moments that led him to realize that he had to let go of his lover and accept loneliness as a part of his new life. In his own word:

“There is a special calm and presence when driving through a landscape at night. You sit there, next to the one you know best of all, traveling in the dark through something you don’t know. The silence against the flow of red and white lights from the other cars and their reflexes as a flashing silvery pulse in the corner of the eye. It dawned on me that I had to dare to be alone with myself, and I got that picture in the head of driving through the night. It was the sense of peace I wanted to bring back into my own life and I finally realized that we could no longer divide the dangers of the world between us, as she used to say. By then, I knew I shouldn’t wait around for someone to come and save me from feeling lonely.”