New Track: Augustine – “A Scent of Lily”

Augustine A Scent of Lily

Spring is coming, the birds are singing, trees are blossoming again. This teeming atmosphere could actually be the background of Augustine’s new single, “A Scent Of Lily”.

If you’re not familiar with Augustine yet, it’s pretty normal. The Swedish up and coming artist only released two singles so far, the incredible “Luzon” and this brand new offering. However, we take the bet that this 22-year-old Stockholm-based songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist won’t remain anonymous for too long.

First, Augustine has a singular voice and a stellar falsetto. There’s not a lot of singers like him out there at the moment. Second, his new songs are produced by one other than Rassmus Björnson and Agrin Rahmani (LÉON, Skott, Robinson).

Dealing with budding love, the Swede expertly translates the emotions of the heart in a song that sounds sparkling and contagious. Don’t even try to resist that hook…