New: Vera Hotsauce – “On U”

Swedish songwriter, artist and producer Vera Hotsauce shares sparkling track “On U”, the second single from her freshly released Blue Pill EP.

Swedish multi-talented artist Vera Hotsauce is only 19 but she has been making music for years, in solo but also for other artists such as Elliphant and Diplo’s producer collective. When at 19 you were lazing away on your bed watching memes, Vera was already working hard to become one of Sweden most promising pop artists. And it paid off!

Taken from her brand new EP (which is also the second installment from her upcoming album), her latest single “On U” should please all the Charli XCX fans. Sharply and smartly produced, the track jumps from hooks to hooks, exploring digitalized, PC Music-friendly pop soundscapes. Vibe with it below.