Norwegian TV Series: SKAM

What’s So Exciting About Skam?

If you already watched Skins, Skam could look similar. Every season has its own main character just like Skins. But how things works in Skam?

Skam means shame as English that reminds me Shameless first and people thought it will be like Shameless but it was not.

If you watch Skam you will understand what is the difference between Skam and Skins. And the most important thing is Skam has a own free world. When you entered the world of Skam you will feel the energy of the show. You’ll see Muslims, refugees, gays and current situations that we are fighting with. As we can understand in the Skam world, people respect other people and they don’t judge them because of their differences.

Let’s start with first season’s main character;

Eva (Lisa Teige)

Eva is acting like there is too much pressure on her but there is not she just putting labels and barriers on her life. But she cares people in her life and she loves them. At the first season she has a boyfriend named as Jonas. She loves him but Jonas was her ex bestfriend’s boyfriend. Jonas cheated her with Eva and they became together. After that Eva’s ex best friend never talked with her. At the first episodes you will see that Eva missed her ex best friend but they won’t going to talk. Eva will have new friends after she understand that she can not be friends with her ex best friend again. To the Last episodes Eva going to break up with Jonas because of she kissed someone at the party and she lied about that. After this at the Christmas, Eva will took Isak’s phone to call someone. But Eva’s new bestfriend Noora and she will see porns on Isak’s phone and they will think he loves Jonas. The season is having a season finale here.


Second Season’s Main Character Noora (Josefine Frida Pettersen)

Noora is the most inpendent, powerful and understanding person you could ever seen at this show. She loves help to her friends and she always protect them. The thing people love it about Noora is she always respects to other people. When you see her room you will see a paper on her wall. “Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing  about. Be kind. Always” writes on it. It actually affected me and helped to understand other people. Noora loves a boy named as William in this season. But there is a problem. William and Noora’s friend Vilde slept together and Vilde loves William. But for William it is not like that. He loves Noora. When you see William, you will say that how a fuckboy loves someone. Noora thought he just wants to hook up with her but he was not. William loved Noora and he was ready to give his everything for be with her. So as you can guess they start dating and they became together.


Third Season’s Main Character Isak (Tarjei Sandvik Moe)

Everyone’s favorite couple of all seasons is Even and Isak. At the first episodes Isak acting like he is not gay. But then he see sees Even. He wants to be his boyfriend. He loves him so much. And they are flirting then kissing after a few episodes later. The point of this season is “you can do it everything for love”. But there is problems. His friends are kidding with gays and his mother is so religious. But then he’s coming out. He messaged to his mother about his gayness. His mother told that she will always love her son. Then Isak told his friends. They understood and Isak became happy because he always wanted to be with Even without no labels and his wish became true.


This is why you should watch this show. And musics of the Show are as good as cast