Opening Up With Mio – Review & Talk

There is definitely pressure put on the artists who open up the days at music festivals. Even if the venues open on the afternoon, most of the people have been partying and enjoying music, company and good vibes until very late, sometimes even keeping themselves up to see the sunrise.

I had set my goal to see Mio, Finnish electronic music producer and artist, who creates mystical sounds and seems to be heavily inspired by animation. This is why I wanted to see her on the first place – even before the Flow festival, I was intrigued by her style of visuals.

Flow Festival / Tomas Olsen

Mio – Find It

Even though it was one of the first acts of the day, as soon as Mio stepped on the stage and greeted the audience, we were sucked in, we were bewitched. Relating to this, I wanted to know her opinion on performing and creating the incredible pieces.

What is the most difficult about performing, what about creating?

Performing is sometimes the easiest thing, it kinda frees you from the shackles of normal life. The audience is everything, the success of the show often depends on your ability to get them on your side. Creating is mostly hard, but I think it’s supposed to be. I generally can’t wait around for inspiration, I need just start doing.

As you can see, she really knows how to turn the spectators’ heads. She also has a good tip for everyone having their first (or one of the first) gigs: You have to kinda understand that the stage is a place where (almost) everything is allowed. You can amplify any side of yourself and expand your personality and if you believe in it yourself, so will the audience.

She seems so free on the stage, it is also very relieving to watch her truly enjoy what she is doing. Again, Flow Festival is something that is appreciated both by the people attinding as well as the artists themselves. Also – this makes your love for bigger music events grow, that is for sure.

Dream festival to perform at and favourite thing about Flow Festival?

I would love to play Pitchfork Music Festival, they always have such a nice line-up. Favourite thing about Flow festival is the cultural impact it has on Helsinki, it really adds a lot to our citys personality and international reputation.

Mio’s performance flies by. Time loses meaning, your senses are overflowing with sounds, but in the best way possible. Without wanting or really paying attention, you find yourself rocking along with her and the melodies she has created.

Flow Festival / Tomas Olsen

I definitely recommend to give this strong producer, a woman who does what she likes, a listen. She is a great performer, yet humble and genuine. Probably one of my top discoveries from Finland int 2018! And until the next time, I am going to leave you with some words of her future plans that – believe it or not – made me more curious than I was about her, ever:

I’m currently working on an album that will take a slightly darker turn from my first releases. I’m producing everything and writing the biggest chunk, but also collaborating with some amazing musicians. Looking forward to see how it’s gonna turn out.