Premiere: OX – Hidden

Consisting of four young musicians from Gothenburg, OX brings a new breath to the Swedish electronic music scene with what they call “post-apocalyptic pop”….

New: High Five by Sigrid

Last month, Sigrid gave us exciting news about her upcoming EP and she made it rain since then.  First came “Raw” and its unapologetic “This…

Zombie ja Kummitusjuna

Mika Kaurismäki, who began his life in cinema with his brother Aki, is a leading figure of the Finnish cinema of 80s and 90s….

Hross í oss/ Of Horses and Men

In Iceland, many people are interested in other professions in addition to their major profession, thanks to the low population that allows for personal…

Tallinn Music Week and city guide

This year Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, hosts it’s 10th Tallinn Music Week. Little unknown compared to Scandinavian countries, Estonia is bravely following in the…